How to look after your Dubarry boots

How to look after your Dubarry boots

Now you have purchased your Dubarry boots, a few words about looking after them. They are fully treated when you purchase them, so when you get them out of the box they are good to go. Dubarry offer a range of products to keep your boots in tiptop condition and prolong the life of your boots.


Step one:

Rinse with clean cold water to remove any mud from your boots, spray with Dubarry footwear cleaner adding water to get a good lather.


Step two:

Then rinse with cold water completely removing the cleaner and allow to dry naturally for 24 hours.


Step three:

Spray Dubarry footwear protector all over the boots paying particular attention to any suede or nubuck leather. Apply several layers and allow each layer to dry before applying the next. We suggest this process is done outdoors.


Step four:

Apply the Dubarry leather cream to the smooth leather, only rubbing it in with a soft brush or a cloth.  Pay particular attention to the flex areas that bend as you walk.


Step five:

Clean any excess cream off the boots with a soft, clean cloth.


Any your boots are good to go on their next adventure.